I love webcomics. I admire those artists who can consistently post funny, creative content on anything like a regular basis.

One of my favorites was the Irregular Webcomic, which I’m delighted to see is active again. I contributed 2 gags to the original run. I’m still rather proud of this one.

Like many gamers, I’m also a big fan of Dork Tower. I’m very glad to list the creative genius behind it, John Kovalic, as a friend. He and I met through our mutual association with Renegade Game Studios.

Recently, I took a rather unconventional approach to applying for a position; I created a webcomic, called simply “The Interview“, to present my case. I used Witty Comics, an online service for making and publishing very simple webcomics. It’s a very restrictive site, which allows only its own clipart characters and backgrounds. I made do with what was there.

I had fun making about 20 strips before it became clear that I was not destined to get the position. I keep thinking that I need to wind up the strip, just to mentally close that chapter. I’ll try to come up with one or two more strips.

I’m also thinking about starting up a new strip, but this time using a more flexible medium. I thought about using Lego (like Irregular Webcomic does), but we donated our truckload of Lego to Bricks for a Cure several years ago. It’s a great service. I highly recommend them. I might use the Lego Digital Designer tool to accomplish the same thing. Seemed like a good idea, but the vast array of available bricks seems like it might make it tedious to use.

Well, that, and I’d have to come up with something to say…

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