Modular towers featured in Tabletop Gaming magazine

I had fun talking with Josher Lumpkin (@JosherLumpkin on Twitter) back in 2018 about the modular dice towers I designed in collaboration with The Broken Token. I’m afraid most of the article is behind a pay wall at, but if you’re a subscriber, it was the first time that I was able to really explain why anyone might want such an absurdly tall dice tower.

Paraphrasing myself, these huge towers were never intended for every roll. Sure, each design could work individually as a dice tower. If you like using a dice tower, then these were as good as most and better than many. And they are pretty nice for the price.

But it was never my intention to just make a bunch of individual, standard dice towers. To me, the magic was that they could be combined. And when they’re combined, they make the roll take longer. And that’s the magic. It builds dramatic tension. It’s a vertical drumroll. You have to wait for the result.

My thought was that some DMs would want a big tower in their game room. It doesn’t get used often, but for the really important rolls, you’d take the dice to the tower. You’d have to ask yourself, “Is this roll tower-worthy?”

The towers still sell well enough, but they didn’t take off as well as we would’ve liked. It’s a pity; I had some pretty funky designs in mind for the next series.

Unrelated, the picture of me that accompanies the article (visible at the link) is my official “BEFORE” shot. I’ve lost more than 40 pounds since that was taken.

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